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Custom Pianos with Your Brand or chosen logo. You may use Yamaha Kemble, Steinway and Sons, Kawai, Yamaha, Hailun or Your Brand for Your Business, Venue or Restaurant.

Prices start at £6000 for a 5.1 foot Baby Grand Piano. £10.000 for a Self Play Baby Grand Piano. £20.000 for Yamaha.

Avant Garde Designs Available from £20.000 Tailored to Your Requests on the Design of the Piano. 

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Yamaha GB1 2020 Model Baby Grand Piano Specifications

Incorporating the exceptional design concept of Yamaha's coveted C Series, the beautiful GB1K produces a broad dynamic range with superb sound. Now, thanks to cost-saving advantages and substantial refinements in materials and production, this expressive and uncommonly affordable instrument is better than ever. This Piano is Our most reasonably priced. Available Online and In Store. Please note that at this time You need to book an Appointment to test these Pianos out. If You dont want to do that We can send the Piano to You ad long as You have paid. Ring 07592 820992 to book Your Piano now! 

Steinway 2587

In a stunning antique finished Rio Rosewood case with particularly impressive foliate design marquetry inlays covering the entire ‘wing lid’, with beautiful detail carving on the inlaid legs and lyre, and a fretwork music desk.

Height: 6’1’’ (186 cm)
Width: 4’6’’ (139.5 cm)
Length: 6’1’’ (186 cm)

Category: Pianos

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